HELIBASE is an international artist duo founded by Shaun C Badham and Sarah Züst in May 2011in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and has since exhibited Helibase 1 at Blaak10 Gallery Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 2011, Helibase 1.5 at Motorcade Flash Parade, Bristol UK in 2012, undertaken Helibase Part 2 as a one month residency and show at Das Gift, Berlin in 2012.

The two artists have developed a collaborative practice which explores, the relationship between sound and art and how these mediums can co-exist. Badham and Züst are both musicians, who have performed in Bands, as solo artists and as a duo under the same title Helibase. Helibase aim to redefine there making of music by simplifying and deciphering the art of soundmaking. Helibase have come to acknowledge sound as the catalyst for the forefront of there projects. Helibase began by using the art of soundmaking as a point of contact with there audience forcing a live interaction and participation, while creating art as a form of stimulation such as film, performance, sculpture, text and drawing. Helibase have a keen interest in engaging with there audience, wether its in a live performative situation or calling on there audience to become the performers, thus pushing collaboration as a way of working and passing authorship to others. Helibase explore the theatrics within art and performing which teases on the surreal. Helibase have recently had a heightened interest in writing simple scripts, plays and texts which create scenarios that reflects on a wider situation.

For Helibase`s full CV in pdf form please email Heli.base@yahoo.co.uk

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